B. Prince

Lane-Parke-B-Prince-logoB. Prince is a ladies’ upscale apparel, shoe and accessories boutique. Formerly known as Betsy Prince, the store has been helping women of style in Birmingham for 35 years. Now owned by Bezshan Dolatabadi, the tradition continues and reaches out to new devotees in Mountain Brook.

Our business is helping people with the art of style. We work in relationships with customers, helping them cull and edit their wardrobe until it expresses exactly who they want to be. Bezshan travels to New York and Paris to find unusual and unique designs and labels that appeal to women who love style.

We have an extensive collection of shoes that are known for buttery soft leathers and wonderful design…as well as an emphasis on fit and comfort.

In the words of the late Coco Chanel…our customers “don’t do fashion. They are fashion”.

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